PTUSNetworking Small Business with Big Name Foundation!

GoDaddy Discounts through small business reseller!

What about us sets us apart from the rest?  There are plenty of large companies that offer website hosting that feel free to let you know you can reach out if there is a problem.

PTUSNetworking is a GoDaddy Reseller except we are all about being proactive for our customers and the services that they pay for.  

  • Easy do it yourself website building using our design templates.
  • Free website design consultation ($60 value) with 48 hours of purchase.
  • SEO setup and education with all hosting packages that include SEO tools
  • 24/7 Monitoring of all sites.
  • Quarterly or Semi-annual calls from PTUSNetworking to make sure your site is optimal.
  • Notification of any price change in hosting so there is no surprise on your statement.

The goal of PTUSNetworking is to make sure that your website is doing exactly what you expect it to do and at the lowest cost!  Yes we do have expensive plans but most customers don't need so many bells and whistles.

The best thing about PTUSNetworking is that we are a home grown company with branches that can reach the entire world

Discount Domain Pricing

Fully backed by ICANN and prices are for 1 year registration term. Longer terms are available upon checkout

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